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Compilation Of Short Nigeria Jokes – No 10 Will Make You Laugh Hard

Meanwhile, All these #SLAY_MAMAS that willl go to Google and download pictures of a Yahoo guy in an Airport or Plane
and post it on social media then start wishing happy birthday like.....
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PADDY he can disturb for Africa"
Sister where is ur life heading to?
You think you're doing me? You are doing yourself.

Dear Married Men,
If u suspect money is always missing from your wallet whenever you're home. Just put a torn condom or positive pregnancy result inside your wallet, sit back and help your life with a chilled drink ...the THIEF will confess, Olorun!!!

Don't thank me..what are friends for?

There must be something about single girls with a nose ring.
I don't know if they are trying to smell an engagement or marriage?

Even if u're ugly as hell when you have money, women will always find something cute on you like. They will be like: "Awwww he has nice finger prints".....or "Awwww he has such a cute shadow".
Girls of nowadays sha

I seriously need to stop listening to people's conversation in a taxi...I once followed someone home just to hear the rest of the story.

Girls that plait Ghana weaving with Brazilian wool on their Nigerian hair... Come let's talk! How do you survive with three nations on ur head ?

Not all couples have sex on their wedding night, some spend it arguing about how the jollof and drinks disappeared.

Teacher: What's the full meaning of AIDS
Pupil: Arsenal Is Dying Slowly

Nigerian parent be like: Mayweather $300million(114billion naira) for just 1 fight. God punish any teacher that separates my son wen fighting in the school.

Witchcraft Is When You Want To Give Your Mom Money, But Then You Take Out A Condom...
Even fainting will not save you.
When You Ask People For advice They Will Tell You To Listen To Your Heart, But All You Can Hear Is "Tum tum tum"...

Boy: From the day I met u, I m not able to eat, drink or smoke...

Girl: How sweet, so u r madly in LOVE with me..

Boy: SHUT UP..!! U made my pocket empty

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