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Hottest Adult Jokes (You must laugh)

1. Best Way To Avoid HIV.
Wear A Condom for the 1st Round, 2nd Round Don’t Wear, 3rd And 4th round Wear, 5th Round You Don’t Wear.
*AIDS Will Be Confused*

2. Trouble is when you’re in class and your dick decides to stand up for no reason then your teacher calls you to clean the blackboard.
Lord of mercy

3. If you think broken heart is painful, then ask a guy who has mistakenly zipped His pens.

5. Stupidity is when you lick a girl with your bare tongue and later sex her with condom. What are you preventing? Catarrh or headache?

6. How fast can you guess the words.?
1)  boo_s
2)  __ndom
3)  f__k
4) pu_s_
5)  s_x

Answers: Book, Random ,Fork, Pulse, Sex
(If You Get Any Wrong You Are A BAD Child)

7. Guy you want a Girl with standing boobs right?
Kindly remove your boxer and take a look at your balls If they are standing… IDIOT

9. Please guys, is it true If you have SEX with a GIRL who already has a Child, you become a Mother fucker?

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