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Hundreds of protesters and a fake Boris Johnson descend on Labour conference shouting 'Brexit is racist'

The demonstrators and a fake Boris shouted "Brexit is racist!" and "Come on Corbyn keep us in!" as they marched past the bash in Brighton

Hundreds of pro-EU protesters including a fake Boris Johnson have descended on the first day of Labour's conference.
The demonstrators shouted " Brexit is racist!" and "Come on Corbyn keep us in!" as they marched past the bash in Brighton.
Wearing stickers that said "bollocks to Brexit", they stopped traffic on the town's historic seafront yards from delegates, sang a version of Hey Jude and brought their kids and dogs.
"Money for aid and education! No more racist deportations!" they shouted. "No May! No Brexit! No racist EU exit!"
The determined protest came as Jeremy Corbyn comes under heavy pressure to soften his stance on Brexit.
Labour's leader has said he wants Britain to stay in the single market and customs union, but only during a transition period.

Activists have today tabled 27 separate motions on Brexit to Labour's conference, many of which urge Britain to stay a full part of the single market permanently and continue free movement.
Eight motions will be selected and then 'composited' - combined - into votes later in the week.
One pro-EU MP, Chuka Umunna, admitted he had been a "pain in the arse" to Sir Keir Starmer, the Shadow Brexit Secretary.

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