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Extra Pictures Of Dj Cuppy At The Trinidad & Tobago Carnival With Her Bestie, Faridah Folawiyo

Faridah, is the only daughter of billionaire businessman Tunde Folawiyo and his beautiful wife Reni. The stupendously attractive darling got everybody salivating and taking many double takes on the very current annual Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago, which she attended with the beautiful daughter of fellow billionaire Femi Otedola, in the person of Ifeoluwa Otedola aka DJ CUPPY. Both Cuppy's mother Nana and Faridah's mother Reni have been nice buddies for upwards of 20 years now, so the two households are intertwined. 

As usually anticipated at such carnivals, the costume theme is to be as open and liberated as possible, displaying off all the very best structures the creator as gifted one with and that one self too has honed both through exercise or possibly just plain gene inheritance. From the looks of the photographs above, it's obvious that all the younger damsels must have had the most fun of time on the event. One other person at her home based carnival that bought all the attention in a eye-popping method was none aside from Trinidadian "Symba", who had just lately taken Lagos Nigeria by storm all of last month when she visited and stayed for about three weeks.

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