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Heartbroken Man Goes to Ex-Girlfriend's House, Sets Himself Ablaze While She Livestreams It (See Video)

A man who couldn't live without his girlfriend, yet wanted her to suffer as much as he was, went to her house and blew himself up while she watched. 

In the video, believed to have been filmed by the estranged girlfriend, the man is seen with his car parked in front of his girlfriend's compound while he walked around the car pouring gasoline on it as he ranted in loud tones for the girl to hear. The girlfriend and someone else can be heard in the background wondering about what he was doing.

When he was done dousing the car with gasoline, he pointed in the general direction of his girlfriend's house, shouted something, then set himself and the car ablaze. It was at this point that the girlfriend realized he was serious and the phone fell from her hand. Someone is heard crying loudly in the background as the burning man is seen walking around in pain near the car as he burns alive.


The incident reportedly happened in the Bahamas.

Watch the horrific video here.

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