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Shocking viral Video Of Pastor who made His Congregants to take off Their underwear For Prayers


Prophet Mboro, a South African pastor has sparked an outrage online when performing one of the most unconventional religious stunt with his church member’s panties, that several have interpreted to a ritual.

Many people are calling out the South African Pastor for being a pervert, when he converted his service into a full pervert show by asking his congregants to take off their panties and wave them in the air like some form of ritual.


To some critics astonishment, the church-goers obliged and shortly started waving their panties in the air. though it's not clear what the pastor was trying to realize by asking the unthinkable of his congregation as the worship session goes on, but he was heard saying, “Must we stop because somebody does not like it?”

While this transpire, the pastor placed his hand firmly on his gentials. while he prayed, his members conjointly imitated him and also placed their hands on their private parts.

Watch the outrageous video below; 


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